Dogs with eyebrows (LOL’z)

This is from Vice Magazine online, and it made me giggle this Monday morning.

For our third installment of The Cute Show Page! we wanted to feature dogs with eyebrows drawn or stuck on them. Why? Because pups look ten times more intense and 50 times more adorable than you ever thought possible when this happens. They instantly become the happiest dog in the world… or the most concerned. I love it. The first time I saw it done was at a friend’s party. I followed her dog, Andy, around for 30 minutes watching everyone’s reactions. It was a hoot.

PS: If you want to try this on your own dog, nix the Sharpie. A nice eyeliner or simple construction-paper- with-a-little-bit-of- Scotch-tape setup is an easy and safe way to brow down with your dog.

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: THE CUTE SHOW PAGE! – Vice Magazine


2 thoughts on “Dogs with eyebrows (LOL’z)

    1. HAHAHA!
      I feel the same way! ;)

      After i saw these pictures, I looked at Logan — and he ran away. I think he knew what I had cookin’ up! HAHAHAHA!

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