Monday Funday

What an exciting Monday!

My morning started with Lulu. She’s getting so big (in retrospect ..hehehe) and she’s such a little snuggle bunny! All she wants to do after we go for a quick walk is snuggle with me. But I’m not one to complain ;)

Today was Kenzie’s first day with us … Timmy, Riley, Charlie, Jax and Fritz warmly welcomed her to the crew.

She fit in wonderfully, and we look forward to many days like today. Sunshine, lots of playing and even a romp in the water sprinklers.

Meet Kenzie!
Charlie catching a quick rest before we continue on ....
Riley is a little camera-shy!
Fritz & Kenzie
Fritz? Is that you?!
Jax photobombed the picture!
Owen (brindle) & Oliver (White/Tan)

And, my day is still not done!

I got a few custom orders done tonight, including this cute little bow tie & collar.

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