Dog Tattoo Ideas

For those who know me, it’s hard to miss my boston terrier tattoo located on my left inside forearm. I’ve been itching lately (don’t tell my mom) to get another one, but I’m not sure I can pull off one of Logan. There’s something very un-cute about the head of a doberman (but don’t tell Logan I said that!!!).

It does seem like the next logical tattoo. And the question I get asked most often; Why don’t you have one of Logan?!
I’ll probably have to get Brian to design a doberman holding an ice cream cone or something equally adorable  …


Here’s an interesting collection of dog tattoos to get your imagination going ..

yessssssssssss!! these dudes’ RULE!



I had NO idea there was such a collection of doberman tattoos out there. Here’s a few …

Hm, the red eye is an interesting touch …



I wonder how long it will take my mom to read this blog post, and call me … begging me NOT to get another tattoo! :)


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