DIY Friday: Dog Car Seat Cover

Did I ever hit the jackpot when I came across this useful tutorial for an easy to make dog car seat cover.

Logan has pretty much made my car, his. And this would might have saved my backseat seat belt  had I seen this inspirational DIY 4 years ago.  The destroyed left seat belt is the evidence of Logan’s puppy days.   Not that this would have prevented it, but … it’s a nice distraction.

Not only are the seat covers I’ve found in stores mucho $$$, they’re uuggglay.  I’d recommend using a laminated cotton or even oil cloth for a more water resistant cover, but that’s part of the fun; finding fabrics that suit your needs.

Oil cloth PVC product, very shiny, Waterproof and easy to clean, easy to sew and edges don’t fray.

 Oil Cloth Cheat Sheet

Oilcloth is a thick layer of PVC on top of a cotton mesh. While it is very thin, it is pretty stiff stuff, it doesn’t do gathers.  It’s very strong and durable, oilcloth tablecloths remain bright and looking brand new for years and years.

Oilcloth makes great totes,  coin purses, tablecloths, floor mats ..

Because oilcloth contains phthalates it is not intended for the use for baby items or for projects for kids under the age of 12. You’ll want to substitute laminated cotton for those projects


Laminated Cotton is a great option, too. Not nearly as slippery as oil cloth, and probably more suited for a project such as this.

Laminated cotton fabric.
Laminated cotton fabric.

Laminated Cotton Cheat Sheet

PVC Free
Slight sheen
Waterproof and easy to clean
A bit trickier to sew, but with the right tips and presser foot you should be good to go.
Edges do not fray

Laminated cotton is a high quality cotton sheeting with a thin layer of polyurethane film adhered to the right side of the fabric. It’s soft and has a very nice hand to it, it drapes very nicely and gathers well.
This fabric is typically used to make baby bibs, raincoats, shower curtains, tablecloths, place mats, diaper bags etc.



Go find out how you can make your very own dog seat cover over at exscapes.


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