Remembering Oliver

Today was a very emotional day.

We said good-bye this afternoon to a very familiar face to The Hydrant crew, and one of our very best doggie friends, Oliver.

Unfortunately, his health was quickly declining, and after a couple of very difficult days the decision was made to say goodbye. He was having seizures, and he could no longer stand without assistance. His parents are on vacation (I can’t imagine …) and had to make the very very difficult choice.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been there. I got to hold his head, as he slowly drifted off to sleep. It was the calmest I’ve seen him in awhile.  He has had a wonderful 8 years, full of life and love.
I truly hope my familiar face and voice was enough to put his heart at ease.

Oliver was my first introduction to the Bulldog world, and for that he’ll always have a very special spot in my heart. I will never forget the first time I saw him. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! His huge body, and little head! His little mashed up face, his little TEETH (!!), and that tongue … all of which I couldn’t resist. He gave the best kisses ever, and he always went CRAZY when I walked in the room; he knew I ALWAYS had treats for him! He would leap and bound towards me!

He was always so patient with  me, as he was my ‘test bully’, for learning how to clean the particular folds of his face, chin and eyes. I would always tease him that his ears were full of wax, and I’d chase and tease him around the unit during his ear cleaning time! Ultimately, he would always sit so well, like he knew I needed a bit of extra time to figure out what was going on ;)

Vacuuming and Swiffering will never be the same, as that was one thing that really got him going into zoomie mode.

These memories are everlasting.

May you rest in peace, my big bullie boy. I promise Logan will look over your baby bro, Owen.

I love you with all of my heart, and will always be remembered.



8 thoughts on “Remembering Oliver

  1. Lindsay, I am so sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine making that decision from a distance but knowing that it was you there with him would have brought me a lot of peace.

    I’m sorry…

    RIP Oliver…

  2. Linds, I am so sorry over this spectacular loss.
    I have enjoyed every picture of Oliver and Owen, and was always quite drawn to Oliver.

    I will also miss him.


  3. Lindsay,
    It is always hard to lose a friend…and even harder when you have to make that phone call and decisions have to be made over a distance. I feel for his people…and for you. I am sure they are all grateful that you were able to be there for him and ease his passage to the bridge.
    All our furfriends over the years remain living in our hearts. Run Free Oliver.

  4. Lindsay.
    I have been a fan for a long time and never posted anything. I know that moment is so difficult for anyone who loves such a wonderful little being. But, he was with someone who cared and loved him and inside he knew he was safe. Now, he is across the bridge and having fun and in no pain waiting to be re united with old friends. At least that’s how I try to look at it.

    Nothing but love to you and the rest of the furry little monkeys during a tough time.Give Owen and Logan an extra hug for me and see if little Yoshi is smiling.


  5. Lindsay, I am so sorry to hear that Oliver is gone. Declan is going to miss his bully buddy. One of yhe first pics you posted of Declan was with Oliver and Owen and I have always had a special place in my heart for the bully brothers. Give Owen a big hug from us. RIP Oliver.

  6. Lindsay,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful and perfect tribute to Oliver. We cannot express enough gratitude to you and Matt for being there for him this last week. Not being with him on his last day was heartbreaking but knowing that he was safe in your arms gave us so much comfort. Thank you for taking care of our boy every day that he was with you with all of your patience and love.

    Whenever I told Oliver that we were “going to see Lindsay today”, his face would light up and tail wag a mile a minute. He loved you very very much and this last year of his life could not have been better.

    Owen is looking forward to many more fun times with you and the Hydrant crew. He may need some extra hugs and kisses for the next bit, and I know that you and Logan will be there for him — We are so fortunate to have you in our life.

    Teresa, Ashton and Owen

  7. I am very sorry your loss. I think more of all animals than I do of most people, so loosing a dear pet is so heartbreaking. I know we will see all of our past animals when we “cross the bridge” into heaven.

  8. Lindsay:
    I want to express my sincerest gratitude to you for being with Oliver on his final day. That was a tough decision for you to make but you did what was best for Oliver. Thanks again.

    Bernice, (Teresa’s Mom).

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