William Selden Shoots Crufts

These days, most of us recognize the value of good health, poise and grooming. We’ve learned that professionalism, a well-balanced temperament and, most importantly,  a good coat, can take you far in life. And, if you happen to be a dog, that could even be as far as Crufts. The famous dog show, held in England every year, is the biggest in the world. For sheer scale and prestige, other competitions don’t come close. Forget your beauty contests and talent shows, this is Pets Win Prizes to the power of 100. The very first Crufts show was held in London in 1891, which makes the venerable institution almost 500 years old (in dog years that is). Photographer William Selden was recently commissioned by London-based bi-annual publication Ponystep to shoot the annual British extravaganza that is “Crufts”.  Here are some our our favourite photos from the show…

(Via: Ponystep)

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