Bulldog Beach Party!

We have Muffin & Nutters staying with us this weekend, here is the cutie Muffin!

Muffin & Nutters were excited when we told them we were having a beach party with special guest Owen!

Nutters couldn’t wait to get into the cool water…it was a beautiful day at the beach.

We walked down to the sandy area so all the dogs could go for a swim.

As you can see it was a busy day at the dog beach.

Nutters was running in and out of the water…

“Should I go back out?”

Dog meeting by the rock, the red bandana bulldog crew!

Muffin and Owen walking along the shore.

Nutters taking a break on the beach.

Muffin was the best swimmer of the group, she was right out there swimming with the big dogs!

Soggy dogs!

Ok everyone, its time to head back home…

Wow…that was fun. Muffin cant wait to come back to the dog beach!

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