Dog Portraits by Winnie Au

Today we feature dog portraits by New York based photographer Winnie Au.  Winnie has been photographing formal dog portraits since 2005. She wants to give dogs the same care and attention that we often give models, presidents, celebrities, and important figures throughout history. She treats each fine art dog portrait as if it were a traditional painting – carefully selecting each backdrop, each setting, so that it matches and highlights each dog’s personality. Because dogs are parts of our families and are sometimes the only family that we have, she wants to capture them in a timeless and beautiful way.

Her dog portraits have been published or featured in Bark Magazine, Time Out New York, Apartment Therapy, Modcloth, ABC News, and in Pdn’s Emerging Photographer Magazine. If you would like to commission a fine art portrait of your pet, you can contact Winnie for rates and session availability. Her dog portraits are available for sale as notecards or prints at and in store at Belljar San Francisco, Thank Dog, and Kiki’s Pet Spa. Here are some examples of her great work…

Winne attended the 21st Annual Halloween Dog Parade at New York’s Tompkins Square Park. Since first learning of the parade several years ago, Winnie has been eager to photograph it.  Winnie loves to make classic, honest portraits with a sense of humor to them, and she felt the parade was the perfect place to do so. Here are some of our favorite photos from the shoot…

Check out Winnie’s Blog to stay up to date on her current work.

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