Steven Tyler And His Yorkie & Morkie

In a recent interview with TIME Magazine, Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler gushed about his two dogs.

“I have a Yorkie and a Morkie… (Yorkie + Maltese = Morkie) One is a teacup I put in my pocket. And the other one I put in a sling over my shoulder, and I walk around, and it’s the cutest effing thing on the planet.”

He went on to describe how he has turned to his dogs during rough (ruff?) times including of drug addiction.

“Dogs have a lot of love… They sleep right next to my neck,” he added.

The dogs have also helped him stay clean and away from the party scene. “I miss going out to a club, yacking it up. So I talk to my dogs.”

Wondering what the dogs’ names are? The Yorkie is named, “Butch Cassidy,” and the Morkie is named, “The Sundance Kid.”

Steven didn’t mention whether he is tempted to sing, “Walk this way” when he takes the dogs around the block, but I could see either of those little guys inspiring him to break into, “Dude Looks Like a Lady.”

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