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Beautiful Portraits Hope to Change the Perception of Bully Breed Rescue Dogs

24 Apr

Started back in 2012, Not a Bully is a heartwarming project by photographer Douglas Sonders that aims to change the perception of rescue dogs that have been unfairly labeled as bullies. The term “bully breed” covers 14 popular dog breeds like Boxers, Rottweilers, and PIt Bulls. Essentially, they’re dogs that people believe are inherently mean, aggressive or even violent. Shelters are crowded with loving bully breeds whose unfair stereotype severely limit their chances of ever finding a home.

Not a Bully hopes to change all that. Through these beautiful portraits and inspiring rescue stories, the project aims to educate the public on how all rescue pets deserve a loving home. The photographer himself adopted his own rescue dog, a Pit Bull, black Labrador mix, which inspired him to create the series. As Sonders states, “Emma had been saved from a Georgia shelter that would have put her down. She’d been circulating through the foster-care system for nine months, unable to find a permanent home. Potential adopters had been turned off by her ‘scary’ appearance and pit-bull background. But we connected instantly. Emma was meant to be my dog.”

After he adopted Emma, Sonders, a commercial photographer who had shot ad campaigns for major companies and who had taken photos that appeared in The Washingtonian, Time, and Rolling Stone, felt compelled to create this personal project. “I love the chance to capture the true nature of my portrait subjects,” he said. “I realized photography was the perfect tool to show people what Emma and other pit bulls are really like.”

Marge Fellerer – Friends Together Forever

23 Apr

Today we present some wonderful and supercool woolen blankets by Marge Fellerer from Berne, Switzerland.  As a side project to her design work for Collibri, Marge has created “Freinds together forever” out of  a deep need to honor the friendship and love between humans and animals. The blankets are knitted in two colours: red and light blue and feature illustrations that have been created by Collibri. The blankets are about 185 x 150cm (size may vary a little) and are made of merino wool and acrylic. The merino wool makes the knitted blanket soft and the the synthetic fiber content makes it easy to care for. A MUST HAVE for every apartment!

Stay calm and peaceful

Woollen blanket «Stay calm and peaceful»


Natalie Foss Illustration

22 Apr

Natalie Foss‘ illustration is situated at a fascinating convergence of psychedelia and surrealism. They’re portraits, mostly, but their subjects are never entirely realistic, either in color, framing, or composition. Her animal subjects are particularly noteworthy in this way: squirrels that appear fleshed in wood, dogs half-materialized and bizarrely textured; a man-like being who appears to be larger than planets.

There’s an emotional tone that comes with this too, one both inviting and sort of glazed-over. Even the most sharply-rendered figures seem like characters in a dream, neither fully aware nor asleep. There’s a tremendous sense of personality in this, though, one that’s elusive and begs to be soaked up slowly.

This balance of apparent subjective tone also keeps the more abstract or fragmentary pieces from feeling violent or destructive. Rather, they feel strongly, intentionally hyper-real, flitting in and out of normal vision in a pleasantly magical way. All this, expertly compounded and gelled together with a hint of cubism and a subtle yet confident sense of humor.

Little tired Corgi guy.

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