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‘Lessons From a Dog’, A Book Featuring Simple Life Lessons Told Through the Natural Wisdom of Dogs

22 Oct

Lessons From a Dog“, an online comic about simple life lessons that humans can gain from dogs created by illustrator Patrick Moberg, has been made into a book of the same name. A few examples of such natural and beautiful wisdom include “Protect the Ones You Love“, “Revere Nature“, “Your Presence Can Help a Friend” and “Cuddle“.

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The book will be available for purchase on October 28, 2014.

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Bailey the Golden Retriever Acts Like a Human in These Funny Photos

21 Oct

0000000000000The golden retriever breed is renowned for their calm and gentle demeanor, and this beautiful canine known as Bailey might just be the most patient of all. Her owner has recently posted photos that show the dog dressed in people clothes and doing human things while looking oblivious about them.

If the image of her sitting at the computer (below) looks familiar, it’s because you might’ve seen it before. Bailey achieved some internet fame for that photo, which was hilariously captioned “I have no idea what I’m doing” and became a meme.

With this new set of pictures, we see that not much has changed in regards to the caption; whether it be watering the plants, “reading” a book, or washing the car, Bailey still has no idea. In fact, maybe she’d want to sleep instead. One of the few things we know about her is that she loves to nap, and according to her owner, logs about 20 hours a day. That’s more than the average sloth!

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Photographer Says Goodbye to Her Dog of 16 Years with Touching Portrait Shoot

20 Oct


To any pet owner, one of the cruelest things in the world is how short a time our beloved companions have with us on this earth. For photographer Maria Sharp, the time she had with her dog Chubby was just 16 years before she had to say goodbye. In the final days before her best friend’s passing, Sharp came to terms with her loss by digging up old photos of Chubby, writing down her memories of their time together, and documenting some of their last moments with each other in a touching portrait shoot by fellow dog lover and photographer Suzanne Price.

Price’s heartwarming shots capture the inseparable bond the two have shared since the day Chubby came home from the pound. “Being the impatient seven year old that I was, I would wake her up from her puppy naps so we could play,” Sharp reminisces on her blog. “I just wanted someone to enjoy life with [...] Whenever we had guests over, I would barely say hi before saying, ‘Do you want to see my dog?!’ She was my favorite part of myself.” Through childhood, high school, boyfriends, college, and the start of Sharp’s career as a wedding photographer, Chubby was there for her, ready to greet her with loving licks, cuddles, and a wagging tail.

Chubby, whose health had deteriorated rapidly in the weeks before her death, had to be carried by Sharp during most of their photo shoot, but their intimacy and dependence on each other was clear to see. The two weren’t just owner and pet—they were best friends who had spent most of their lives together. Price’s portraits preserve the beautiful memory of their love for each other.

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