Adorable Shar-Pei Puppy Looks Like a Cuddly Teddy Bear

0Meet Tonkey, an adorable bear-coat shar-pei who looks more like a stuffed animal than she does pup. The fluffy pooch is just a baby at four months old, but she’s already taken the internet by storm with her silly persona and delightful antics. Because she’s young, Tonkey is still learning to conquer the stairs, fetch a ball, and enjoy bath time, all of which are captured on her Instagram, thanks to owners Christine Park and her boyfriend, Dave.

With that sweet smoosh-face and unforgettable resemblance to a teddy bear, we know that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Tonkey. We can’t wait to see what she gets into next!00 000 0000 00000 000000 0000000 00000000 000000000 0000000000 00000000000

(Via: My Modern Met)

A Heartwarming Look Inside A Volunteer-Run Retirement Home For Dogs And Cats

National Geographic has profiled the wonderful people at House With A Heart in Gaithersburg, Maryland, a dedicated sanctuary for senior dogs and cats who can no longer remain with their humans for a variety of reasons. Director Sher Polivinale and her many volunteers work hard to ensure that every animal in their charge gets the best care possible.

Nearly two-dozen dogs are spending their golden years at House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. Sher Polvinale and a team of volunteers at this Gaithersburg, Maryland, home spare no expense and care for the dogs’ every need—from washing and feeding to medications and vet visits.

Donations to this wonderful organization can be made through their website or via iGive.

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