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Artist Creates A Charming Illustrated Guide to the Dogs of the World Grouped by Their Geographic Origin

23 Sep


Artist Lili Chin of Doggie Drawings has created “Dogs of the World“, a wonderful illustrated guide that groups the dogs of the world by their geographic origin. These charming illustrations are available as prints for purchase at Lili’s Etsy Shop, while items such as T-Shirts, mugs and pillows are available via Lili’s Society 6 store

Dogs Of The World is a new series of designs that I have been working on Spring-Summer 2014. There are a total of at least 192 dog designs and 24 cat designs, which are available as grouped and individual prints at my etsy store.

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(Via: Laughing Squid)

Photos Tell the Sad Story of Stray Dogs Dumped at ‘Dead Dog Beach’ in Puerto Rico

22 Sep

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There are 250,000 stray dogs in Puerto Rico. Many of these dogs have been dumped at Dead Dog Beach, an isolated area located on the South-East coast. Locals call the strays ‘satos,’ and view them as a nuisance. Sadly, the dogs here live out their short lives filled with neglect and abuse. Photographer Sophie Gamand has traveled to Dead Dog Beach multiple times over a year and a half with Chrissy Beckles, founder of The Sato Project, an organization that provides food, fresh water, vet care and seeks to find new homes for these animals in New York. Gamand documents her experiences here in an attempt to raise awareness of the abuse and suffering of these neglected ‘satos.’

As a dog photographer in New York City, Gamand is used to photographing glossy, sleek, polished dog portraits in a studio setting. Her experience documenting Dead Dog Beach pushed her boundaries as a photographer. In America, dogs are considered members of the family. In Puerto Rico, Gamand explains, “I saw dogs that were so feral they never wagged their tail, never approached you and had organized themselves into packs in their battle for survival.” Her photographs are an honest portrayal of the lives of these dogs. We bear witness to timid, weak and starving animals, whose only hope for survival are organizations such as The Sato Project.

In the future, she hopes to return to Puerto Rico and other parts of the world with similar problems. Gamand notes that these dogs, despite everything they’ve been through, are proud animals. This series is a homage to them.

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All images © Sophie Gamand (Via: Feature Shoot)

Adorable Mini Pigs Model Fashionable Ensembles on Their Instagram

19 Sep


Miss Piggy has always been a fashionable Muppet, so it’s no surprise when her real-life counterparts are the same way. The brother and sister duo Priscilla and Poppleton might just be mini pigs, but the pair certainly have an impressive wardrobe! Donning pearls, bow ties, hair accessories, and more, the two have an adorable Instagram that features their fashion choices and other cute activities. We see them sleeping together, “sipping” Starbucks, and enjoying time near the ocean.

Based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, the year-round warm weather lends itself well to their colorful outfits as well as trips to “grandma and grandpa’s” farm. Priscilla and Poppleton seem to have big personalities and a lot of fun; so, it’s no surprise that they have a large following on Instagram and Facebook, where their fans can keep up with their lovable exploits and sartorial choices.

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Priscilla and Poppleton Facebook page and Instagram
(Via: My Modern Metropolis)


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