The Book of the Dog by Angus Hyland

Anthony-Valentino-Robinson-BuddyBishon-Frise-angus-hyland-the-book-of-the-dog-its-nice-that-Pentagram partner Angus Hyland recently co-authored and designed The Book of the Dog, a sweet little look at man’s best friend through an art history lens. It’s Nice That had a chat with him about why hounds and creativity go hand in paw.

“The idea behind the book was that we wanted to take a popular subject and treat it with the a level of brevity whilst retaining an innate charm. It was great fun prompted by my love of both the subject and the medium. I don’t currently have a dog but in a week’s time we (the family) are going to visit a “blue” Italian greyhound puppy litter. They are miniature versions of the racing type; slightly smaller than a whippet. Dogs, like horses and birds, are great subjects for artists, unlike fish.

“Although The Book of the Dog has an element of art history in its content, it isn’t aimed at an academic market. Rather it’s for dog lovers and culturally interested people who are curious about artistic interpretations of man’s best friend. Looking back through the book I particularly like Hockney’s portraits of his dachshunds Stanley and Boodgie, which are studies of love.

“I wonder if maybe so many creative people are into dogs possibly because they are often not very good with people… In art and in life we project our ambitions, triumphs and anxieties on dogs; and yet they still come back for more. Artists have found dogs, especially sighthounds, an aesthetically intriguing subject and they often impose human qualities on them in their interpretations. Pets are famously therapeutic. When I was younger my family Basset Hound, whom it fell upon me to take for walks, helped me get through my O-levels stress free.”

Ana Elisa Egreja: Ritz e Cildo, 2009
Constance Bachmann, Sophie, Boston Terrier, 2010
Emma McClure: Going Home, 2008
Grażyna Smalej: The Dogs, 2013
Marion de Man: Mees with Muddy Feet, 2012

(Via: It’s Nice That)

Heartwarming Photographs Of A Young Girl And Her Doberman Best Friend

SSSSSSSSSThree-year-old Siena from Seattle and her beloved canine best friend, a Doberman named ‘Buddha’, are winning hearts on social media with their antics. Nicknamed ‘Cutie and the Beast’, the inseparable pair do everything together, from sleeping and having their nails done, to playing the piano and going on walks.

Tara Prucha, Siena’s mother, captures heartwarming photos of them and shares the images through the Instagram account ‘@cutieandthebeast’. Prucha told, “She doesn’t have a single toy or play set she adores. For her, that’s Buddha.”

“Dobermans are also known as ‘Velcro dogs’. They just want to be with their one human. And he has obviously chosen my daughter,” she added. Aside from showcasing the sweet friendship between the duo, the pictures show that Dobermans can be mellow and gentle creatures.

S SS SSS SSSS SSSSS SSSSSS SSSSSSS SSSSSSSS[Via: Design Taxi, Images Via: @cutieandthebeast]