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Sculptor Tim Racer

15 Oct


Tim Racer has been a professional artist for 25 years. He graduated from the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit in 1984, and quickly earned accolades as a successful young illustrator in Chicago. Tim was well known for his keen color sense, fine craftsmanship and his fluid, stylized paintings.


Weary of advertising and editorial assignments, he began carving his illustrations into wood as he searched for a new way to express his love of form. This transition to three-dimensional art blossomed in 1993, when he began working with master carousel painter Pam Hessey of Hawk’s Eye Studio in Martinez, California. Here Tim learned the specialized craft of bringing priceless but battered antique wooden animals back to life for private collectors as well as those who love to ride our country’s precious working carousels.


Raised in a family of tree trimmers, and a former tree worker himself, Tim has a lifetime appreciation for his materials. His knowledge and understanding of wood has given him the necessary skills for piecing back together old and neglected carousel animals. Restoration is one of his specialties, but carving is his true love.


Tim has always surrounded himself with animals, and they are his favorite subject matter. Be it a small Chihuahua, a well-muscled pit bull or a statuesque great dane, Tim lovingly combines all of his artistic skills to create unique works of fine art that reflect the timeless beauty of our animal friends.

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Julien Marinetti’s ‘Doggy John’

14 Oct

Born in 1967, Julien Marinetti spent his youth between the workshops of great artists and national museums. He was only five when he created his first still life oil painting on a tea towel and started frenziedly distorting everyday objects into primitive polychromatic sculptures. A few years on, academic drawing and sculpture lessons at the “Ateliers de la Grande Chaumière” became part of his daily routine. He fed his imagination on cinema, classical music and punk rock. Young, impatient and already a prolific artist, he only spent one day at the Beaux-Arts (French Academy of Fine Arts) before dropping out and devoting himself to his art.

After several years of oil painting, in 2004 Julien Marinetti renewed his relationship with sculpture, when his masterpiece ‘Doggy John’ rapidly gained him a name in the artistic world. After his first set of ‘Doggy John’ monochromes, the artist decided to revisit the history of art and its Masters through collages, paintings and lacquers. Each ‘Doggy John’ is a unique piece of work; like a sphinx of modern times it reflects contemporary society and its history.  Here are some examples of his fine work…

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A Stroll Through High Park

12 Oct

We took Brooklyn to High Park to meet some new friends at dog hill and walk the nature trails. It was a beautiful day at the park and as you can see  Brooklyn had a great time.

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Basil the bulldog!

Close Up: Basil the bulldog!

This is not Logan, unfortunately he has a callus on his paw so he took the day off and rested at home.

This is not Logan, unfortunately he has a callus on his paw so he took the day off and rested at home but its always nice to see other dobies having fun at the park!

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Ok time to head back home for a special Thanksgiving dinner!

Ok time to head back home for a special Thanksgiving dinner!

We’re back home resting and getting ready for our special dinner.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


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