Adorable Pictures Of Dogs Posing In Photo Booths Show Their Playful Personality


Photographer Guinnevere Shuster has creatively figured out a way to bring out the fun personalities of a group of homeless dogs from the Humane Society of Utah in order to help them find a new home quickly. Shuster went about using photo booths to capture the endearing and playful sides of these furry creatures, casting a brighter light on these dogs that are waiting for adoption at the shelter. 22222222 222222222 2222222222 22222222222 2222222222222 222222222222222 22222222222222222

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Endearing Photos Of A Boy, His Two Huge, Furry Dogs & A Horse


Previously, we featured lifestyle photographer Stasha Becker’s endearing photo series of her son, Julian, and his Newfoundland dog, Max. Her ongoing photo project shows the family expanding to include another Newfoundland named Bruce, and an Arabian stallion, Vizon. Her Instagram’s snaps perfectly capture the genuine bond between her son and his entourage of furry friends. She said,

Long time ago I began to take a photo of my son often in the same spot in front of our garage door. If you scroll through my photos you can see our child growing up, our dogs getting older and our garage door getting dirtier. For me it has become an essential part of my family’s story and an evolving record of our happiness together.

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