Is Executive Office Furniture Worth the Price?

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Executive office furniture is office furniture which has been specifically designed for an executive office, or a deluxe office, which is often intended for someone with prominence within a company. Executive office furniture can be differentiated from regular or typical office furniture by its price, its quality and most often, its size. Executive office furniture is also typically made with higher quality materials than regular office furniture to reflect the price, quality and prestige of an executive office.

But is executive office furniture really worth the additional price? Or can regular office furniture be substituted without a significant dip or difference in an office space? Let’s look at some of the factors which may help decide this all-too-common dilemma.

Executive office furniture is higher quality than regular office furniture

Executive office furniture is, almost without exception, of a higher quality than typical furniture in an office. Executive furniture may be made with better materials—such as real wood from quality companies and with expensive varnishes—and it will often be much sturdier and therefore long-lasting than a regular piece of office furniture.

Executive office furniture may therefore be a much better investment than typical office furniture because, although it is more expensive, it will last years longer than ordinary office pieces.

Executive office furniture is much more expensive than regular office furniture

Executive office furniture is, again almost without exception, more expensive than regular office furniture. Some of this cost can be attributed to the higher quality of the materials used as well as the improved construction of the piece, but sometimes executive office furniture is priced higher merely because it contains the label “executive.”executive office furniture1

For people who are searching for furniture on a budget, the higher price of executive office furniture may put it out of their reach. Or it may require them to re-adjust their budget after the purchase of typical executive furniture, such as desks and chairs.

Executive office furniture looks more professional and expensive than regular office furniture

Much of the appeal of executive furniture is in its prestige and appearance. Many manufacturers of executive office furniture take care to ensure that their pieces stand out from the “crowd” of regular office furniture. A typical executive office desk, for example, will feature a variety of carpentry details that a typical office desk would not have. Many executive desks also contain special features, such as locking cabinets or secret drawers, which make them more appealing to people in executive or high ranking positions.

Budget executive furniture may be the best of both worlds

For people on a budget, the middle road may be the purchase of “budget” executive furniture. Budget executive furniture will mimic the style and aesthetic of real executive furniture without requiring the same high price tag. Budget executive office furniture will often be made from materials comparable to that of regular office furniture, but with the “look” of something executive.

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