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Good office interiors are not just for attracting more clients into your business but also for providing your employees with a positive environment where they can work comfortably and stress-free. Before decorating your office with any other furniture and figurines, it is better to fill your office first with the essentials. Office interiors should always include what you need most in your business to promote efficiency and ergonomics.

There are a lot of things that you need your office to have and here are some of them:

1. Desks and Chairs

An office won’t be an office without these two things. Always hand in hand, tables and chairs should be the main components of your office. They shouldn’t just be placed anywhere and you have to carefully plan where you are going to put them. One of the principles of office interiors says that your desk and chair are better placed to the farthest opposite end of the office door. This produces sense of authority and power. They should also be placed in an area that is amply lit, which is usually beside the windows.

2. Light Source

Once you have already placed your desk and chair beside the window on the opposite end of the door, install an efficient light source. The light source, whether it is a bulb, a fluorescent, or a wall lamp, should be bright enough to light the entire room up. Avoid light sources that emit yellow or orange lights as they can promote eye strain and sleepiness. A bright light can absolutely increase your productivity and of your employees as well. You can also place a lamp on your desk, especially if you work overtime. When choosing a lamp, make sure that it can project the light to a bigger area and is adjustable.

3. Comfy couch

Office interiors should not forget to include a couch on its list because this is where you entertain your clients. The couch should make your client feel special and should be located on an area that does not block your way to your desk. Most office interiors would place a couch at the center of the room, while some may put it in one side.

4. Ventilation System

Proper ventilation is needed in your working place because this can affect how you do your work. Extremes of temperature- either hot or cold room temperature can make you uncomfortable, thus can lower the quality of your work. Windows, air conditioners, and fans are helpful to promote good ventilation in your room.

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