retaW “PEELS” Shampoo and Fragrance Spray

17 Jul


Summer is here and that means our four-legged friends will be right by our side as we hike, camp, swim, beach and everything in between. With that in mind, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragrance brand retaW has launched an all-new grooming collection designed specifically for dogs. For its inaugural release, “PEELS” presents a Sumire-scented conditioning shampoo that will keep your pup’s coat soft and fluffy, in addition to a grooming spray that employs the same violet-based scent. Both items will soon be available at select retailers.

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Sushi Cats

16 Jul


Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts have composed ‘Neko-Sushi’, a photographic series of posters and postcards which unite cats and sushi. Various felines are placed atop stacks of sticky rice, wrapped in strands of seaweed and playfully placed with props, meant to closely resemble different kinds of raw fish. pink backpacks, orange ties and striped red socks look like tuna and salmon, while the small scenes replicate the traditional serving situations of the popular dish.

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Chris Basco Photography

15 Jul

From a very young age Chris Basco has been going to the Costa Rican rainforests on photography trips with his dad, nature photographer Greg Basco. After spending time as an assistant, he started to take a serious interest in photography.  Chris has branched off from nature photography and has put together an impressive portfolio of pet portraits…

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All photos © Chris Basco Photography


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