Roberto Rizzo Rocks!

21 Jul

Roberto Rizzo’s rock paintings and portraits are like an updated version of the old pet-rock trend. In 1996 Rizzo started using acrylic paint to capture animal images that curve organically around the natural shape and imperfection of the stone surface used in place of canvas. The images are sweet and humorous, and like a pet or a rock, they beckon to be held.

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John Dolan: “John and George”

18 Jul


Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. There’s no better proof of that than artist John Dolan‘s upcoming show at Howard Griffin Gallery. “John and George” is his second show at the gallery. The whole exhibition is dedicated to Dolan’s dog, George, and how his furry companion helped change his life.


Before Dolan was a recognized artist, he had been in and out of prison and frequently found himself on the streets. Then one day, Dolan met George, who he managed to buy for the price of a can of strong lager. Receiving George gave Dolan hope, and it also provided Dolan with a subject to draw. In addition to his sketches of the buildings on Shoreditch High Street, Dolan made portraits of George, selling them to interested bystanders. In the end, he had hundreds of sketches, each one representing every passing day he spent with George.


With his new found friend, Dolan was able to break a 20-year cycle of homelessness and avoid any more jail time, ultimately changing his life and becoming one of London’s most renowned artists. His upcoming show will feature original works and prints, all dedicated to this touching story about hope and survival through art.


“John and George” will be on view from July 17 through Aug. 17.

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retaW “PEELS” Shampoo and Fragrance Spray

17 Jul


Summer is here and that means our four-legged friends will be right by our side as we hike, camp, swim, beach and everything in between. With that in mind, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragrance brand retaW has launched an all-new grooming collection designed specifically for dogs. For its inaugural release, “PEELS” presents a Sumire-scented conditioning shampoo that will keep your pup’s coat soft and fluffy, in addition to a grooming spray that employs the same violet-based scent. Both items will soon be available at select retailers.

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