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Your office can say a lot about you- how you manage your business, how you handle people, and how you interact with people. The organization of your office and the way how everything is arranged are critical for gaining the approval of your clients and the commitment of your employees to their job. It is for this reason why office space planning is important if you want you, your employees and your business to succeed.

Office space planning needs to consider a lot of things, like the size of the room, the number of people who are going to occupy the room and the furniture that you need to have in the room. Careful office space planning must be done to maximize your office space, to promote interaction between you and your employees, to promote work efficiency and most importantly, to promote safety. What are the things that you have to consider in office space planning?

1. Size of the room

The size of the room should be the basis for all your subsequent plans. The types of furniture that you are going to purchase and the way you are going to arrange them in your office are all affected by the size of the room. A small room should not make use of bulky furniture, like big couches and desks. Shelves and cabinets should be strategically designed to meet the space constraint. They can be put against the wall to make your room look larger. Prioritize those that you need most. If you don’t need a big porcelain jar in the office, then don’t put one. This can just reduce your working space.

2. Headcount

The number of people who are going to use the room must also be kept in mind. Consider the furniture that each employee is going to need. Does each of them need a table and a chair? Do they need a reception counter? If the answer is yes, proper space allotment must be done. Consider the spaces in between each desk. Make sure that they have ample space to move about their area. They should neither be too far nor too close to each other.

3. Room partitions

This factor depends on how you want your office room to be arranged. Do you want your office to be one big office room with all the employees around or one big room divided into smaller rooms with your employees assigned to each smaller room?Room partitions can make use of cubicles to organize your office according to departments. This is a more efficient way of managing your employees.

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