IKEA Provides ‘Dog Parking’ For Shoppers With Pets

I’ll assume dog theft isn’t a problem in Berlin, like it is in Toronto. This has nightmare written all over it, and I for one would never leave my dog tied up in front of  IKEA.  If I’m going shopping, my pup stays home!

What do you think about this?


While bike parking is a common sight at IKEAs around the United States, IKEA Germany has added another type of convenient parking for shoppers- dog parking. IKEA Germany doesn’t allow pets (except for guide dogs) in the store, stating safety and hygienic concerns, but the retailer has come up with a creative solution to accommodate the country’s many pet lovers.

 Dogs can comfortably wait right outside the front door of the store while their owners shop. They’re given their own astro-turf lawn, and IKEA even provides water bowls for the waiting pooches. Instead of pet lovers having to leave their companions at home while they run errands, IKEA has created a creative solution that keeps stores safe and clean while keeping dog owners happy.