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Roberto Rizzo Rocks!

21 Jul

Roberto Rizzo’s rock paintings and portraits are like an updated version of the old pet-rock trend. In 1996 Rizzo started using acrylic paint to capture animal images that curve organically around the natural shape and imperfection of the stone surface used in place of canvas. The images are sweet and humorous, and like a pet or a rock, they beckon to be held.

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(Via: Creativity Fuse)

Sushi Cats

16 Jul


Japanese company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts have composed ‘Neko-Sushi’, a photographic series of posters and postcards which unite cats and sushi. Various felines are placed atop stacks of sticky rice, wrapped in strands of seaweed and playfully placed with props, meant to closely resemble different kinds of raw fish. pink backpacks, orange ties and striped red socks look like tuna and salmon, while the small scenes replicate the traditional serving situations of the popular dish.

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(Via: designboom)

Meet Maru, The Smiliest Dog In Japan

10 Jul

Meet Maru, a very photogenic 7-year-old male Shiba-Inu dog from Japan. He always looks like he just might be the happiest dog on Earth, which might be why his owners love to photograph and record videos of him. They post regular photo and video updates on his Facebook channel, which is definitely worth checking out, cause even if Maru is just doing regular dog stuff, like eating yogurt, he still looks unbelievably cute doing it!

Maru loves to walk on the beach and play with his toys and he hates thunderstorms and fireworks (much like the rest of the world’s dogs).  The difference is that he does everything with a smile. If you don’t believe us,  just look at these adorable photos below!

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(Via: Bored Panda)


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