Adorable Shar-Pei Puppy Looks Like a Cuddly Teddy Bear

0Meet Tonkey, an adorable bear-coat shar-pei who looks more like a stuffed animal than she does pup. The fluffy pooch is just a baby at four months old, but she’s already taken the internet by storm with her silly persona and delightful antics. Because she’s young, Tonkey is still learning to conquer the stairs, fetch a ball, and enjoy bath time, all of which are captured on her Instagram, thanks to owners Christine Park and her boyfriend, Dave.

With that sweet smoosh-face and unforgettable resemblance to a teddy bear, we know that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Tonkey. We can’t wait to see what she gets into next!00 000 0000 00000 000000 0000000 00000000 000000000 0000000000 00000000000

(Via: My Modern Met)

Photographer Snaps Precious Images Of Her Daughter And Dog In Similar Settings

000000Last year, the parents of wedding photographer Jesse Holland presented Holland’s daughter with a hat as a present. On a whim, Holland decided to snap a just-for-fun picture of her baby girl and their dog donning this headpiece. Since then, the idea has expanded into an amusing series titled ‘One dog. One baby. Who wore it better.*’ that comprises adorable side-by-side pictures of the duo engaged in various activities, including playing dress up, lazing and having a fun time exploring the outdoors. 00000000000000 0000000000000000 00000000 0000000 000000000 00000000000 0000000000

[Via: Design Taxi, Images via Jesse Holland]

Bull Terrier Continues to Interact with Owner’s Whimsical Doodles on Instagram

Illustrator Rafael Mantesso has continued to create whimsical Instagram snapshots that feature his adorable bull terrier Jimmy Choo. The visual artist first began his playful collaboration with his dog after his divorce left him with his dog and a house full of crisp, white walls for him to fill with interactive doodles. Jimmy Choo naturally became the loyal star of these lighthearted designs and the positive response encouraged Mantesso to continually create new images.

Each picture is created with Jimmy Choo in mind, allowing the pup to actually interact with the completed drawings, with little effort on his part. The real trick is for Mantesso to get his furry friend to stand still so that he could photograph the precious pooch doing anything from giving Tinkerbell a peck on the lips or taking a sudsy shower to flying through the air with butterfly wings. As a whole, the decorated shots showcase both the artist’s talent and Jimmy Choo’s photogenic nature.

(Via: My Modern Met)