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Heartwarming Photos of Children and Their Pets by Elena Shumilova

4 Dec


After Russian photographer Elena Shumilova’s adorable photos of her two sons and their farm animals went viral, she was approached by Petcurean, a premium pet food company, to create a full series of images that centered around the special bond between children and their pets. The photos include one where a young boy is sleeping soundly with his puppy, to a sweet girl rubbing her face softly against her cat. Each image beautifully captures a special moment between a young child and his and her pet.

“The images Elena has contributed to our Nourish for Life campaign are able to fully express the depth of the human/pet bond, in a way that words alone never could,” said Jaimie Turkington, Director of Marketing for Petcurean. “She captures something pure, yet powerful about our relationships with our pets that will connect with all kinds of pet parents, anywhere in the world. We were looking for a visual way of representing these feelings, and saw in Elena’s work a natural fit with Petcurean’s own commitment to nourishing the ones we love, for life.”

“I felt so inspired in creating these images, because the theme of the Petcurean campaign is very close to my own heart,” says Shumilova. “Pets are members of our family and there’s nothing more natural and more important than the desire to care for someone you love.”

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Lelu And Friends Needle felted Doggy Bears

3 Dec

Today we feature Lelu & Friends Needle felted Doggy Bears & Custom Portraits. Crafted with love and unreservedly unique. Each little character is made with a fuzzy soul to call its own.  Check out Haus Of Lelu for one of a kind Needle-Felted Sculptures & Art Prints – Unique Designs, Printed on a wide variety of materials.- Tote bags, Throw Cushions, Clothing, Archival Paper and much more.. Here are some of their unique creations…

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Photographer Dani de los Muros And His Adorable Dog Named Bruma

28 Nov


For the past two years, Spanish photographer Dani de los Muros has been taking playful photographs of his adorable dog, a five-year-old Weimaraner named Bruma. Pictured holding various objects in her mouth and striking funny poses, the antics of this expressive canine are a joy to look at and will bring a smile to your face.

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