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The Hydrant’s Top 6

17 Feb

This is a collection of The Hydrant’s top 6 blog posts. I’m always so thrilled and amazed at the number of people that visit my blog every day. :)

(Yes, it’s YOU that keeps me bloggin’ away!)

Here’s the list …

1.  The Intelligence of Dogs – The List (this also happens to be the most debated of all posts!)

2.  Top 10 Cutest Dogs Ever

3. World’s Largest Dog Breeds

4.  Dog Chin Acne. Yep, they get it too.

5.  Facts And Myths about the Doberman Pinscher

6.  DIY Dog Print Dog Biscuits

Casey lookin' too cool

Casey lookin’ too cool

11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home

28 Jun

Pet furniture can be a lively, complementary addition to the home– or an eyesore that you constantly try to hide. Modern pet beds are a great addition for any interior, and if you’ve got a cat or dog, a necessity.

Here are 11 perfect modern pet furniture pieces to place in any room of the house. Wherever Fido or Fluffy prefer to take their naps is as good a place as any, so be sure to pick out something that fits in well with all of your decor. And if you’ve got an indecisive animal that likes to switch up their favorite spot every now and again, be sure to pick a neutral color that can be moved anywhere.


Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (11)

1. Espresso Metropolitan Double Pet Bed. Great for households with multiple furry friends– this sturdy design accommodates animals up to 30lbs each. [Purchase]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (10)

2. PEI Pod Pet Bed. This bed is a perfect and durable piece shaped in an egg form, coming in a wide array of colors. The interior comes with a comfortable cushion for your 15-18 lb pet. [Purchase]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (9)

3. PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge. a 2-in-1 pet bed that allows kitty to scratch until his heart is content– then take a perfectly supported cat nap atop the cardboard unit. [Purchase]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (8)

4. The Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree. Two different shelves come in a set to be mounted and arranged on your wall for optimum perching and napping on one of the multiple carpet patches. [Purchase]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (7)

5. Niche Kokon Pet Bed. A great outdoor version for anyone who has pets that frequent the outside world. A planter sits atop this piece to add some greenery to the contemporary furniture piece. [Purchase]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (6)

6. Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounger. Plastic Rattan is woven together to create a waterproof bed that’s both stylish and comfortable for your pet. [Purchase]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (5)

7. DenHaus BowHaus Indoor Pet House and End Table. A modernized version of the crate, your pet can be confined to this little house when guests are over, or if a situation arises where they may need to be contained. Of course, it can be left open for a snug little lookout. [Purchase]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (4)

8. Dog Pod 2.0. The Eames chair of dog beds. A beautifully constructed curved plywood bed that sits elevated to keep drafts away from your little one. [Purchase]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (3)

9. The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree. Available in black or white, this tree features six separate levels for climbing, sisal scratch material and cubby like hiding spots. [Purchase: White, Black]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (2)

10. Bambú Pet Hammock I. Clean lines, eco friendly materials and a suspended design make this bed a uniquely comfortable solution for your little loved one. A bamboo frame makes for a nice design element. [Purchase]
Product Guide 11 Modern Pet Beds For The Home (1)

11. Minimalist Pine Dog Bed. A beautiful solution for the larger dog in your life. Not only is it beautiful, but it is affordable, too– as you’ll need tools and supplies for this DIY project. [Learn More]

(VIA: Inthralld)

DIY: Minimalist Dog House

17 Jun


Pompon, the shop dog at Le Petit Atelier in Paris, spends his days dozing in his own minimalist dog bed, custom made by the shop’s owners. Make your own with these step-by-step instructions from 101 Woonideeen. (We have translated the content.)

petit atelier dog bed

The Minimalist Dog House
A dog bed is so 2011. Your four-legged friend deserves a home. But one where you can enjoy watching them. Here are directions to create this house in 7 steps.

DIY Inspiration Make a Minimalist Pine Crafted Dog Bed

* 32x screws, 4 × 60 mm

* White paint – For the frame

* 7 m pine slats of 40 × 40 mm
This allows you saw the following bars:
4x 65 cm (for the vertical slats)
4x 49.5 cm (for sloping roof battens)
3x 77 cm (between the horizontal beams)

For the side beams around the bottom plate
* Firing slats of 30 × 195 mm
2x 77 cm (for the sides)
1x 62 cm (for the back)

For the base plate
* Plywood, 18 mm thick
1x 700 × 850 mm

Download the drawing of the bottom plate. This drawing is not to scale, but is an indication of the dimensions of the bottom plate of the doghouse.

* Wood Glue
* Saw
* Cordless Screwdriver or hand screwdriver
* Brush / roller
* Tape / tape measure

Step 1
Start by cutting undercut the roof frame. The battens in the tip should be cut at 45 degrees, the transition from the roof to the legs at 22.5 degrees. Glue the roof and the legs with wood glue together. Allow to dry.

Step 2
Place the bottom bar between the rear frame of the loft. Attach with screws.

Step 3
Saw a small corner from all 4 corners of the bottom plate. 2 from the front corners at an angle of 5 × 40 mm, 2 from the rear at an angle of 5 × 5 mm.

Step 4
Mount the sidebars to the base with wood glue and screws.

Step 5
Place the 2 frames with screws to the front and back of the base plate. These frames should fall exactly between the notches you have cut in step 5.

Step 6
Place 3 beams between the front and rear cabin frame and screw them in.

Step 7
Paint the house in the desired color.

Your dog house is now ready for action!


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