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Beach Party!

29 Jul

We took Bonkers the boxer who is staying with us for the next two weeks down to Cherry Beach Dog Park to hang out with the crew at the Back to the beach: July Doberman Meetup.

Logan wasn’t feeling great so we felt that Bonkers would be a good replacement, and we were right! He had a blast, check out some great shots of the action…

For more info on the Meetup Group check out the Toronto Doberman Pinscher Meetup Group and our Facebook Page

Sunday At The Beach

27 May

We took Logan down to Clarke Beach Park at Cherry Beach for the May Doberman Meet Up.  He had lots of fun playing with all the other dogs and running in and out of the water.


For more infomation on the Toronto Doberman Pinscher Meetup Group please click on the link below…


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