Samuel Price Dog Collages

Samuel Price is a San Francisco based collage artist who specializes in pet portraits. Price’s dog collages are made using bits and pieces of old magazines. Price is an old-school collage artist in the sense that he doesn’t use computers to help him sketch out his collages. Instead, this dedicated doggie artist spends hours flipping through magazines looking for pages with just the right color. The end result is dog portraits that look more like they were created by a talented painter as opposed to a dedicated collage artist. Here are a few sample pieces of Samuel Price’s dog collage art…

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Peter Clark – Dog Collages

Old maps, love letters, stamps, playing cards, match boxes, rosettes, buttons and labels, all form the starting point of Peter Clark‘s innovative and often humorous paper collages.  Clark undertakes scavenger trips to antique fairs, markets and second hand stores to find the right objects to inspire him.

Peter uses a comprehensive collection of found papers as his palette which are coloured, patterned or textured by their printed, written or worn surfaces, with this media he ‘paints’ his collages. He shades with density of print and creates substance and movement with lines plucked from old maps or manuscripts.

The book Paperwork by Peter Clark and Matthew Sturgis is now available on his website. Please click on bookcover for more information.

And dont forget to check out Peter’s website to see all of his other great creations.