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Trekking with Diuna in Mongolia

31 Oct

Today we follow the adventures of Aga & Przemo of Watahaa who trekked through the Mongolian Altai with their pup named Diuna (Dune). They spent two months exploring in Mongolia, returning with their dog via the trans-Siberian railway. In 2013, they received The National Geographic Poland “Travel of the Year” award for their trek with Diuna in Garhwal Himalaya. These photos are meant to encourage and inspire others to travel and explore nature with their dog, there is no need to leave your pup behind! 

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‘Lessons From a Dog’, A Book Featuring Simple Life Lessons Told Through the Natural Wisdom of Dogs

22 Oct

Lessons From a Dog“, an online comic about simple life lessons that humans can gain from dogs created by illustrator Patrick Moberg, has been made into a book of the same name. A few examples of such natural and beautiful wisdom include “Protect the Ones You Love“, “Revere Nature“, “Your Presence Can Help a Friend” and “Cuddle“.

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The book will be available for purchase on October 28, 2014.

FREE · Pup Portrait

Order Lessons From A Dog before October 28th and get a free portrait of your pup.
Simply forward your order confirmation and a photo of your dog to patrickmoberg@gmail.com

(Via: Laughing Squid)

Bailey the Golden Retriever Acts Like a Human in These Funny Photos

21 Oct

0000000000000The golden retriever breed is renowned for their calm and gentle demeanor, and this beautiful canine known as Bailey might just be the most patient of all. Her owner has recently posted photos that show the dog dressed in people clothes and doing human things while looking oblivious about them.

If the image of her sitting at the computer (below) looks familiar, it’s because you might’ve seen it before. Bailey achieved some internet fame for that photo, which was hilariously captioned “I have no idea what I’m doing” and became a meme.

With this new set of pictures, we see that not much has changed in regards to the caption; whether it be watering the plants, “reading” a book, or washing the car, Bailey still has no idea. In fact, maybe she’d want to sleep instead. One of the few things we know about her is that she loves to nap, and according to her owner, logs about 20 hours a day. That’s more than the average sloth!

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