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Photographer Dani de los Muros And His Adorable Dog Named Bruma

28 Nov


For the past two years, Spanish photographer Dani de los Muros has been taking playful photographs of his adorable dog, a five-year-old Weimaraner named Bruma. Pictured holding various objects in her mouth and striking funny poses, the antics of this expressive canine are a joy to look at and will bring a smile to your face.

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(Via: Bored Panda & DesignTaxi)

Chef Poodle Creates a Yummy Thanksgiving Dish That Is Safe for Dogs and Humans Alike

27 Nov

Chef Poodle, the adorable chef with a poodle head and human body and his lovely sous chef Jamie demonstrate how to make the “Thanksgiving Doggy Bag,” a dish that is safe for both dogs and humans alike in this holiday video posted by The Pet Collective. While the chef was very excited about trying out his own recipe, he was able to control himself long enough to allow for the dish to be heated up. Once it reached proper temperature, however, neither Chef Poodle nor Jamie wasted any time in devouring the yummy dish, sans spoons.

123(Via: Laughing Squid)

Tom Griffiths Illustrations

26 Nov

Today we feature a series of pet commissions by 17 year old illustrator Tom Griffiths from Hereford, United Kingdom…

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