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Anna Postnikova Photography

24 Nov

Today we feature stunning photography by 20 year old Anna Postnikova from Czech Republic…2 222222222222222222 22 22222222 2222 22222 2222222 22222222222222 2222222222 222222222222 2222222222222 22222222222222222 222222222222222 222222

             (Photos copyright © Anna Postnikova)

Bulldog Illustrations by Sarah Attig

18 Nov

Today we feature illustrations based on popular bulldog photos by Sarah Attig from Lyon, France…

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Hilarious Portraits of Cute Dogs Floating in Mid-Air

17 Nov


This hilarious series of animal portraits will definitely make you smile! Created by German photographer Julia Christe, this Freestyle Series captures the motion of various types of dogs as they leap through the air. Each playful portrait expresses the lively personality of the animals as ears, fur, and tail fly in every direction.

As the dogs take on an elegant, weightless dance, their colorfully rich, textured fur pops out against the simple gray background. Each facial expression is particularly humorous as the dogs simply gaze out at the camera and viewers are left to wonder what the cute little pups might be thinking.

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(Via: My Modern Metropolis)


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