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Dogtown Artworks

19 Jun

Cindy and Kirby Pringle create whimsical and unique “dog people” photographs using their own dogs as the models. The husband-and-wife team have been professional photographers for more than 30 years and have focused on “dog people” since 2002.  Their work can be seen in three books, the new “The Butterfly That Would Not Fly,” “Happy Tails: The Call of Nature” and “Happy Tails: Earl and Pearl on the Farm”.  Check out Dogtown Artworks on Etsy for more…

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Plush Toys by Entala

17 Apr

Today we feature some great plush toys from the Poznan, Poland-based designer Entala. Most of the toys featured are available for purchase via Etsy, including the amazing Grumpy the Plush Cat!

Plush Pugs

Dressed up Bulldogs

Bull Terrier

Alaskan Malamute

Frenchie, the Bulldog

Plush Dogs

Grumpy the Plush Cat

Mike Holzer – dogwagart

28 Mar

Today we feature the work of Mike Holzer from Encinitas, CA.  Mike’s work has been focused on the lighter and somewhat humorous side of life. Focusing primarily on man’s best friend as his subjects.  Mike likes to paint or create something everyday, so please stay tuned to his Etsy store dogwagart for his latest creations. Here are some of our favorites…

Pug Dog Art Print / "Wet T-shirt Contest"...on Pug Island/by Original Mike Holzer

“Wet T-shirt Contest”…on Pug Island

Pug Dog Art Print / "The Bone-a-Bing" / by Original Mike Holzer

“The Bone-a-Bing”

Pug Dog Art Print/"Snow  & the Seven Little Puggies"/by Original Mike Holzer

“Snow & the Seven Little Puggies”

Pug Art Dog Print / "PUGZILLA" / by Original Mike Holzer


French Bulldog Art Print / "Big Attitude" / by Original Mike Holzer

“Big Attitude”

Pug Dog Art Print / "Sumo, Sumo, Sumo" / by Original Mike Holzer

“Sumo, Sumo, Sumo”

Pug Dog Art Print / "Twister" / by Original Mike Holzer


English Bulldog Dog Art Print/"ROAD RAGE"/by Original Mike  Holzer/VW/Bus/Volkswagon


11"x14" / Two for 1 / Pug Dog Art Print / "Green Room" /by Original Mike Holzer

“Green Room”

French Bulldog Art Print/ "Cirque de Frenchies" / by Original Mike Holzer

“Cirque de Frenchies”

Pug Dog Art Print / "It's ALL about style, grace, and the gear."/by Original Mike Holzer

“It’s ALL about style, grace, and the gear.”

Pug Dog Art Print / "Riders Up" / by Original Mike Holzer

“Riders Up”

English Bulldog Art Print / "Coconuts" / by Original Mike Holzer


Pug Dog Art Print / "Littlest Tagger"/Graffiti/by Original Mike Holzer

“Littlest Tagger”


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