3D Dog Portrait Pendants by Stoian Nicoleta


Today we feature handmade custom 3D dog portrait pendants, made entirely from polymer clay by Stoian Nicoleta from Giurgiu, Romania. The clay she uses isn’t painted, which makes it more difficult to create each piece but produces a more realistic finish. To purchase your own custom portrait pendant check out her Etsy store – NicomadeMe

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ETSY FIND! Gotta check this out ..

During an evening of Etsy window-shopping, I came across this adorable store –  yanyangDreamhouse

I’m always on the lookout for cute and original dog PET themed items, and i loved these!

These adorable 18″x18″ linen pillow cases are $14.99, and I noticed on the Etsy store banner, they’re offering a 10% off discount code: YANGYANGDREAM (the discount code makes this purchase completely acceptable, btw)

These are too cute not to share!

Artist Creates A Charming Illustrated Guide to the Dogs of the World Grouped by Their Geographic Origin


Artist Lili Chin of Doggie Drawings has created “Dogs of the World“, a wonderful illustrated guide that groups the dogs of the world by their geographic origin. These charming illustrations are available as prints for purchase at Lili’s Etsy Shop, while items such as T-Shirts, mugs and pillows are available via Lili’s Society 6 store

Dogs Of The World is a new series of designs that I have been working on Spring-Summer 2014. There are a total of at least 192 dog designs and 24 cat designs, which are available as grouped and individual prints at my etsy store.

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(Via: Laughing Squid)