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Photo Wrap Up

22 Sep

Here are some photos from our adventures with the crew this week…

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26 Jan

We took the crew out for a late night walk, Evelin, Ellanor, and Logan aka The 3 Sweaters!


There was lots of fresh snow for the dogs to run around in, the park was all ours!


Close up of sweet Evelin.


Logan & Ellanor running through the park.


Once all the park action was done we took the afterparky to Footwork, here is Evelin waiting in line…


Weekend Adventures

17 Jun

Its another busy weekend at The Hydrant with Elanor, Evelin, & Yoshi all in the house! So we have been taking lots of trips to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather and hang out with the other neighborhood dogs.

Yoshi made  a new friend Gus, a friendly bulldog who lives in the area.

Big smile from Yoshi!


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