Abandoned Puppy and Stray Kitten Become the Most Adorable Best Friends


Meet Chip and Adele, the duo that proves we all need friends, especially when we’re going through a rough patch. Operation Kindness, a no-kill shelter in Texas, is currently the home to Chip, a five-week-old chihuahua puppy, and Adele, a four-week-old kitten. The two came into the shelter on the same day, March 20, so the shelter’s team put the pair together and they’ve been best friends ever since! While Chip was abandoned at the shelter by a family who couldn’t care for such a young puppy, Adele is a stray that was found with no mother or other kittens. Now, they have each other!

Besides the fact that they’re two different animals, they each carry their own distinct personalities. While Chip is sweet and laid-back, content just curling up with people around him, Adele is independent and curious, she’s a natural explorer. The two will stay at the foster home until they’re old enough to get their shots and have both been spayed and neutered. Then, they’ll (hopefully) be adopted together.

Teresa Berg, a local photographer who takes photos of shelter dogs to help find them homes, shot some adorable photos of the couple lying in a basket and enjoying a sweet treat. Natalie Buxton, the foster mom at the shelter, brought them to Berg on the fourth day of their relationship. What was it like photographing them? “Once we tired them out,” Berg said, “it was pure magic. But in the beginning, they were busy exploring my studio, especially Adele, who loves to hide. We actually set up a space heater a few feet from the basket and they were naturally drawn to the warmth and white noise. Once they settled in, they fell in to a deep sleep and took turns using each other as a pillow.”

Berg was witness to their authentic friendship, saying, “They tumble around and gnaw on each other, learning to play, and then collapse in a heap and sleep curled up in a ball.”

If you can’t get enough, you can follow the adventures of Chip and Adele on their own Facebook page, where they have almost 42,000 followers.

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Rob Bahou Photography

Rob Bahou is an Amsterdam-based photographer who has a knack for shooting animals with a camera. For his photo series called ‘Faces’, he took expressive, close-up portraits of dogs that highlight their individuality and quirks. Bahou wrote that he plans to continue on this project with other animals, such as “lions, wolves, apes, walruses, and pretty much anything else”. Check out some photos below, or visit his website and Facebook page for more.

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Photographer Shoots Fantasy Portraits of Stray Dogs in an Effort To Get Them Adopted


When photographer Stuart Holroyd moved to Cyprus in March 2014, he heard about a woman named Kayte Wilson-Smith who runs a small rescue center for stray, abused, and/or abandoned dogs. It’s called Bay Tree Rescue, is funded entirely by Wilson-Smith’s pension and donations, and houses roughly 60 dogs at any given time.

Holroyd wanted to get involved in the project, so he decided to use his photography background to help. His “Bay Tree Project” is a series of fantasy portraits of the dogs that are meant to raise funds, awareness, and adoptions.

“The current stray dog situation in Cyprus is very bad,” Holroyd tells us. “Animal cruelty in Cyprus is at an all-time high. Dogs are being dumped, beaten and tortured for absolutely no reason other than amusement. Cyprus has no animal cruelty laws so almost every day a beaten or abandoned dog is left on her doorstep.”

He was introduced to Wilson-Smith by a girl in his village. Wilson-Smith lives at the bottom of the rescue center in a wooden hut that runs on a petrol generator. “On occasions she will even give up her own food so the dogs can eat,” Holroyd says. “There is just not enough donations getting there.”

Holroyd shot his project by selecting dogs from the rescue and taking them out one at a time for a photo shoot. His elaborate scenes would be created to match the personality and characteristics of the dog.

For example, one of the dogs named Milly has a disability that keeps her back legs stuck together, so Holroyd created a portrait of “Milly the Mermaid” posing on a beach:

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After completing the series, Holroyd found a publisher willing to turn the images into a book, and he’s also planning to sell prints through exhibitions. All proceeds from the project will go towards Wilson-Smith’s rescue center. If you’d like to get involved, you can keep up with the project on Facebook.

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