Formerly Abused Pit Bull with No Ears Becomes Adorable Advocate for Her Breed

0Nana the pit bull encountered many obstacles before she was adopted by owner Stephanie Doris. Prior to being dropped off at a Los Angeles-based animal shelter, it’s estimated that she gave birth to around 15 litters of puppies. Nana also had all of her teeth removed and her ears were detrimentally cut off. This caused the canine’s ear canals to fill with polyps and fungus, which had to be removed after her eventual adoption, leaving her completely deaf.

After overcoming her abusive history with heartless humans and ending up at an animal shelter, Nana’s photo was discovered by Doris, who instantly fell in love. “To this day, I cannot explain what sparked me to impulsively apply to foster her,” Doris told The Huffington Post. “What I do know, though, is that it was one of the best decisions I have made.” After six months in Doris’s care, Nana had finally found a forever home filled with love. “Even though I will never understand why or how they could treat a dog like that, especially a dog as sweet, as innocent and as gentle as Nana, I am thankful they surrendered her. Otherwise, she would not be with me now,” explains the pit bull’s compassionate owner. “She has forgiven humans and, in a sense, I have forgiven, too.”

Nana is now living a life of luxury. She spends her days surrounded by love, toys, and plenty of treats. Most importantly, Nana and Doris have become advocates for other pit bulls. To show just how adorable and affectionate this breed can be, they’ve created an Instagram and Facebook page displaying Nana in all her lovable glory.00 000 0000 00000 000000 0000000 00000000 000000000 0000000000

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Incredibly Realistic Oil Portraits Of Adorable, Expressive Dogs

Zoes_pups.295134142_stdCleveland-based artist James Ruby paints realistic oil portraits of adorable dogs that will make you smile. His artworks depict playful pooches with goofy expressions and often with their mouths open. Check out some of Ruby’s paintings below and view more at his website or Facebook page.

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Rob Bahou Photography (Part 2)

Rob Bahou is an Amsterdam-based photographer who has a knack for shooting animals with a camera. For his photo series called ‘Faces’, he took expressive, close-up portraits of dogs and cats that highlight their individuality and quirks. Check out some new photos he has released and visit his website and Facebook page for more.

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