Janet Hill Studio

Today we feature artwork by Janet Hill. Janet lives in the beautiful city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada.  She paints in a small in-house studio where she lives with her husband John, and their cat and dog. Janet’s work is both elegant, yet whimsical, often with an underlying narrative that instantly captures the imagination.  Her painting style evokes a sense of nostalgia,  timeless beauty, mystery, humour, and comfort.  Her work is displayed in private collections throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Originals and prints are available from her Etsy or Society6 shop.5 55 555 5555 55555 555555 5555555 55555555 555555555 5555555555

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A “Dry Dog Wet Dog” Photo Series by Serena Hodson


Australian photographer Serena Hodson has created a new series of diptychs which documents dogs while both dry and wet. Aptly titled “Dry Dog Wet Dog”, the idea for the series came about while Hodson was washing her own dogs – a British bulldog named Simon and a French bulldog named Garfunkel – and noticed how being wet brought out different elements of their personalities. “I think any time humans can identify with an animal’s personality it creates compassion and respect,” Hodson says. “Which is always a positive thing.”

Take a look at the series below and see more of Hodson’s work here.

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