Dog News – My Top 10 Picks for Today

Logan and Owen

1. Are Dogs Trying to Communicate When They Yawn? – Dogs may use yawns as pacifying signals.

2. Prefer dogs to humans? You’re not alone (or unbalanced)

3. Doghouse Confessional: Why Yes, I Do Sleep with My Dog

4. Dogs tied to trees, left to fend for themselves

5. MatchPuppy: OKCupid for Doggy Play Dates

6. The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates – Science doesn’t support negative publicity about using kennel crates.

7. Potassium Bromide: Is It Safe for Dogs?

8. How Did Boston University Choose The Boston Terrier As Their Mascot?

9. Dick Clark: A Legacy Among Humans And Dogs

10.  Ticks in Ontario