A Heartwarming Look Inside A Volunteer-Run Retirement Home For Dogs And Cats

National Geographic has profiled the wonderful people at House With A Heart in Gaithersburg, Maryland, a dedicated sanctuary for senior dogs and cats who can no longer remain with their humans for a variety of reasons. Director Sher Polivinale and her many volunteers work hard to ensure that every animal in their charge gets the best care possible.

Nearly two-dozen dogs are spending their golden years at House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. Sher Polvinale and a team of volunteers at this Gaithersburg, Maryland, home spare no expense and care for the dogs’ every need—from washing and feeding to medications and vet visits.

Donations to this wonderful organization can be made through their website or via iGive.

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Trekking with Diuna in Mongolia

Today we follow the adventures of Aga & Przemo of Watahaa who trekked through the Mongolian Altai with their pup named Diuna (Dune). They spent two months exploring in Mongolia, returning with their dog via the trans-Siberian railway. In 2013, they received The National Geographic Poland “Travel of the Year” award for their trek with Diuna in Garhwal Himalaya. These photos are meant to encourage and inspire others to travel and explore nature with their dog, there is no need to leave your pup behind! 

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When Dogs Fly


National Geographic has released a wild preview of When Dogs Fly, an independent short film about extreme athlete Dean Potter and his “little family’s vacation in the Swiss Alps.” The preview shows Dean wingsuit BASE jumping with his 22-pound mini Australian cattle dog named Whisper. You can learn more about their high-flying adventures on National Geographic’s Adventure blog.

I’ve never had a close call wing-suit flying. I practice a very conservative form of human flight. When I fly with Whisper, we only jump off the safest cliffs in the world with the longest and cleanest rock drops. This allows Whisper to go on amazing, long mountain climbs and hikes with us, instead of being trapped in the car or left at home. It was mostly a matter of practicality of not wanting Whisper to miss out on incredible mountain dog-walks that led us to wing-suit flying together.

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