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Colorfully Dreamy Portraits Show Pit Bulls in a Softer Light

12 Aug


Some dogs unfortunately and unnecessarily get a bad rap. We’ve seen efforts to show the beauty of all-black canines, and now photographer Sophie Gamand has shared with us a new series, Flower Power, where she aims at presenting the pit bull breed in a different light. Rather than portraying them with tough and gritty imagery, Gamand highlights soft, feminine tones to reflect on their sweet nature.

Before starting the series, the photographer challenged herself to approach pit bulls with a fresh perspective and an open heart. She admittedly had prejudices against them, but instead of letting them persist, she immersed herself and became an active volunteer with rescue groups. It was here she started to look at them in another way. Now, Gamand feels that they are the victims of prejudices and urban legends.

There are an estimated one million pit bulls that are euthanized in America every year. To raise awareness of this sad fact, Gamand made flower headpieces and approached three groups in New York City that are heavily involved with helping the breed. She set up a studio in their boarding facilities and photographed some of the pit bulls who were up for adoption.

Gamand’s models are currently available for adoption in New York City through Second Chance Rescue, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, and Animal Haven.

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(Via: My Modern Metropolis)

Gretchen Green – Canned Dogs

8 May

Today we feature the art of Gretchen Green from New York,  here is a description of her work in her own words…

I consider myself a folk artist and have been making things out of bits and scraps my whole life. I am inspired by Primitive Art, Folk Art and Outsider Art. I work with tin cans and aluminum soda and beer cans under resin. I have taken untold workshops and art classes over the years. The first art class I took was 25 years ago with Julie Taymor of “The Lion King” and her influence is still with me today. My work has been in galleries and in the theatre in New York City and I was chosen for “The Best of The Best” Florida Artists at Backus Museum in 2009 and received an “Award of Merit” for my piece.


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Aurel Schmidt – Dog Show

31 Mar

Aurel Schmidt is originally from Kamloops, British Columbia but now lives and works in New York City.  Schmidt has previously exhibited solo shows at Peres Projects, Los Angeles and Deitch Projects, New York. Today we feature her series of drawings titled Dog Show

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