Stray Dog Spontaneously Joins Swedish Team Competing in 430-Mile Amazonian Race


Right before a four-person Swedish team was scheduled to hike, kayak, and bike a grueling 430-mile endurance race through the Amazon rainforest, they sat down for a quick meal together. That’s when teammate Mikael Lindnord noticed a tattered, miserable-looking stray dog. Feeling sympathy for the dog, he decided to give him one of his meatballs, figuring it would be the end of their exchange.

The team must have made a fantastic impression on the stray because he continued to follow the adventure athletes as they made their way through mud and dangerous terrain. Even when they tried to get the loyal dog to stop for his own safety, he wouldn’t listen and kept on going. During the kayaking portion of the race, their eager furry friend swam right beside them, prompting the team to invite him onto the kayak as their newest member.

After all five of them crossed the finish line as the 12th top team in the world, the athletes decided to name the stray Arthur and to have him treated for a severe wound that had been on his back when they first met him. The team also worked out a way to bring their companion back home to Sweden with them, starting a Twitter campaign to raise the needed funds. Now, Arthur is living a happy, healthy life in Sweden with Lindnord, the man who shared the meatball that started it all.

As if it couldn’t get any better, the team has set up the Arthur Foundation, a charity organization for supporting stray dogs in need of a loving, caring home.

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Endearingly-Goofy Portraits of Dogs Catching a Breeze from Cars


As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to roll down the windows and enjoy the breeze. And if you’re traveling by car with a four-legged friend, chances are they’ll want to feel the wind in their face, too. Los Angeles-based photographer Lara Jo Regan captures canines’ goofy excitement in her delightful series-turned-book titled Dogs in Cars.

The vivid photos showcase enormous grins as pooches hang their heads out of the windows and take in the sights and fresh air. Some are more eager than others as they stand halfway outside of the car. Others appear shy but still enjoy the special experience. Of course, there are some that are just content to sit quietly in the backseat.

To get these dynamic shots, Regan built a special light that jutted over the roof of her car and a harness that allowed her to lean out of the window. Other contraptions were also used to capture incredible angles.

Pet owner or not, Dogs in Cars will bring a smile to your face when you see these wagging tongues. We first admired the project in 2013, and since then Regan’s photographs have been turned into a 144-page book published by W.W. Norton.

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Polish Mother Captures Heartwarming Photos of Her Son and Their Three Adopted Dogs


Three years ago, Agnieszka Gulczyńska started photography as a way to capture the graceful movement of horses. When she became pregnant with her first child, Igor, she found that couldn’t ride anymore, so instead, she ran after horses with her camera. Now two years old, Igor is Agnieszka’s favorite model to shoot along with her three dogs, Vega, Pikey and Canon. After her son was born, they moved from the big city of Warsaw to the quiet countryside. Currently, they live in Kampinos.

Looking through Agnieszka’s photos one can’t help but smile at the beautiful, budding friendship between Igor and their dogs, which were all adopted. Though in many photos his back his turned, one can still feel the warmth Igor shows his sweet pets. “Looking at the relationship between my son and his dogs,”Agnieszka tells My Modern Met, “I realize that no interactive toy will ever replace the touch of a dog’s wet nose. They make a very good team, giving each other a sense of emotional safety and an ocean of unconditional love. One of my dogs is disabled, he only has three legs, so he has taught my child tolerance and empathy since his earliest years.”

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