Wafflenugget, An Incredibly Cute Puppy That Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

aWe’ve featured some pretty cute animals before, but this little dog might just be the cutest of them all. The adorably named Wafflenugget is a beautiful Bernese puppy that takes photogenic pictures that will make you go “awww”. With her large, expressive brown eyes, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the fluffy good-looker. In her free time, she loves to snooze and gnaw on her dog bone. View some pictures of Wafflenugget below and follow her adventures on Instagram.

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67(Via Design Taxi, Images via wafflenugget]

Rob Bahou Photography (Part 2)

Rob Bahou is an Amsterdam-based photographer who has a knack for shooting animals with a camera. For his photo series called ‘Faces’, he took expressive, close-up portraits of dogs and cats that highlight their individuality and quirks. Check out some new photos he has released and visit his website and Facebook page for more.

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(Via: Bored Panda)