Friday Night Marketplace

I have no idea how I could have forgotten to post last weekend’s pictures!

I had a busy weekend, but it was full of dog filled fun. The weather has been spectacular here in Toronto all summer, and last Friday night was no exception.

I We (Logan & Owen) headed over to the Scadding Court Marketplace. I was eager to check out LiL OMG!

(More info on the marketplace concept – Blog TO)
We were there early in the evening, which made it even more exciting. We got to watch the little market fill up with energy, as the sun went down. The dogs had a great time, and were spoiled rotten with treats – Logan even sampled the Lemon curd, used for mini-donut dipping~ Owen was the centre of attention – no one could resist his face, and wiggly bum!



Decorate your own cupcake. YUM!
Logan with his eye on the prize. GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES. (LiL's neighbour)
Hanging out in front of LiL.
At least I know this crazy woman (Leslie, the owner of OMG!) would take Logan if I ever wanted to give him away. Maybe I'll trade him for some cupcakes ... hehehehe!
Logan watching, making sure everything is under control.


This would have been a cute photo, except for my finger ...


Leslie, and something yummy.


Owen fell asleep on the sidewalk. I knew it was time to head home, to put the piglet to bed.


And that was my Friday night. :)