Tatsuro Kiuchi Illustrations

Given his vast and distinctive body of work, we’re mildly ashamed to say we’ve only just discovered illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchi. The Japanese illustrator is a graduate of Art Center College of Design, Pasadena and has worked for some of the biggest and best clients out there across the US, Europe and his native Japan.

Tatsuro began his career specifically illustrating children’s books and covers (to-date he’s illustrated over 20) his light touch and expressive mark-making lending themselves naturally to the whimsical narratives of children’s tales. Since then he’s branched out into editorial, advertising and most other varieties of illustration, amassing a body of work that demonstrates a prolific practice.

Stylistically his work is reminiscent of mid-century French poster art; the light palettes, grainy textures and overlaid layers combining to evoke a dreamy sense of aged advertisements for the summertime riviera or a high-class train journey. But its universal appeal has seen it applied to every imaginable medium, from postage stamps to Starbucks mugs. A truly unique and considered body of work.

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Should dogs be allowed in the outdoor seating area of Starbucks stores?

It’s a hot topic in Longmeadow, Mass., where dogs are no longer allowed in the Starbucks outdoor seating area because of a town ordinance that allows only service animals at restaurants.

A Starbucks rep told town officials “the enforcement of the food code has resulted in a loss of customers and a loss of sales. There has been a loss of an estimated 20-30 customers per day during peak summer hours which amounts to $1000 week or $12,000 this summer.”

Follow up:  Ruling on dogs at Starbucks delayed because of missing board member

Logan waiting for me outside a Toronto Starbucks.
Logan waiting for me outside a Toronto Starbucks.

This is a non-issue in downtown Toronto — Everyone seems to openly accept the dogs, and most of the time they come over and pet and want to talk about Logan. In fact, our neighborhood SB employees will even bring out your dog a little oatmeal (empty, of course!) bowl of iced water! Very thoughtful, especially on those hot days.

Does the Starbucks you frequent/work at allow dogs in the patio area?