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Action Shots by Klaus Dyba

26 Nov

Today we feature a series of action shots from BMX photographer Klaus Dyba from Cologne, Germany. Klaus tries to stay away from clichés and instead prefers to show the dog’s energy and natural personality in his photos. As you can see from the shots below the results are stunning…


See more of Klaus’ work on True Dogs and on Facebook.

Victoria Rushton – Every Dog

30 Oct

Today we take a look at Every Dog, a project created by Victoria Rushton.  Victoria is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in illustration.  Victoria is a letterer, designer and pug dog enthusiast. Every Dog is a project she started to continue working with lettering after graduation and features a new breed every weekday! Here are some examples of her amazing work…

Not-so-subtly inspired by Esmeralda Pro, which I bought today and is so much prettier than this. Colors by Deb today.

And, following an awkward period of transition between college and suddenly no more college, we’re back! Promise I’ll never leave you again. I like you. 

For something slightly different. 

Dancing in the Dark…

19 Apr

We have Diego staying with us this weekend!


He loves hanging out at the dog park with Logan.


Logan photo bombing Diego…nice one!


Dancing in the dark…they love to chase each other around the park!


Stay tuned for more adventures!


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