Top Four Office Furniture Online Stores

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Choosing the right furniture for your office will make you more productive and comfortable. However, shopping for office furniture is not an easy task because it often requires personally visiting a store or mall. If you’re looking for a most convenient way to buy furniture for your office, then the Internet would probably be the place to go. There are lots of stores now that sell office furniture online. Here are four places that you can visit online:

Officefurniture offers various office furniture online. They sell traditional office furniture and contemporary furniture. They also show their customers the color and fabric of their items without any charge on their website. One great thing about OfficeFurniture is that they give their customers nine months warranty on all the products they sell on their website. You can order their products online or via phone call. They deliver their package through a common courier for large orders. As for small orders, they ship it through FEDEX or UPS. And since they offer a variety of furniture, you don’t have to worry about the price range of the products.

Staples offers different home office furniture. They also provide their customers a free shipping service if their purchase amount will be over $50. They also have a free online consultation to help their customers choose the right furniture for their office. The prices of the product are cheaper than OfficeFurniture. The basic desk only cost $129.

Ikea is a Swedish office furniture online store. The office furniture they offer online is relatively cheap and modern compared to other online stores. The prices of their furniture range from $24.99 (laptop table) to $299.99 (durable desk). All of their furniture is assembly required, so the buyer has to decipher it by himself. Ikea also sell an office planning tool to help buyers determine the right furniture for their office.

Max Furniture
Max Furniture also offers a wide range of office furniture. Max Furniture’s website allows customers to search for their furniture based on their price range. The best part about Max Furniture is they allow their customers to upgrade their shipping into white glove service, meaning; the items will be shipped and assembled on the house of their customers. However, their products are more expensive than other online shops. The most expensive item you can buy from their website has a price of $4,000.

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